Withdrawing - Sylvia Batycka - 2021 Original Oil on Board (Un-Cradled), 22x30cm


Artist Statement : Sylvia Batycka is an artist enthralled with images of women and female narratives. She inquires into the aesthetics of absence, hauntology and nostalgia. There are three pillars in her work: vintage images of women, sartorial pieces and portraits of contemporaries. She regards her female contemporaries as descendants of the foremothers while looking into interlocking narratives, fragmented stories and singular appearances. The dress in her practice is considered to be the ultimate female garment that in the absence of the wearer forms the only portrait that remains. The works by Sylvia Batycka have intermediary power between entities: past and present, photography and painting. Unlike the photography which freezes the time, the painting recycles it over. The artist also sees her role as the one of an archivist, the custodian of society’s memory.