Red Glove No11 - Hosna Tajarrodi - Giclee Print - 20x20


These high quality giclee prints are manufactured right here in the UK in our beautiful home of Cambridgeshire countryside and shipped straight to your door. Printed on the finest of art papers on commercial grade printers making them perfect for the walls of any business or home.

Artist Statement: As a designer and illustrator, I have worked hard to develop my paintings to read more about myself and other beauties and imperfections of the soul. As a part of the process, before I start , The time I had was spent on sketching and brainstorming, which I could read and search and explore about the subject in this way. Using this method, I was able to involve
two of my best friends and regular companions, who were paper and pencil.
I have never sought to present my designs aimlessly or to use strange techniques, and I think the spirit has complexities that can not be summed up in the image, but can be done using color and form. Understandable so that he can communicate with others.
I tried to paint the souls of other people, including myself, with everything I did. Despite all the pros and cons of each soul in color and black and white have a great role in expressing it. My main challenge has been to be able to convey my feelings to others by creating my own mental image on paper.
My paintings speak not only for me but also for people who have not seen their souls.