Femme Malifique - Akan David - Giclee Print

£125.00 - £395.00

These high quality giclee prints are manufactured right here in the UK in our beautiful home of Cambridgeshire countryside and shipped straight to your door. Printed on the finest of art papers on commercial grade printers making them perfect for the walls of any business or home.

Artist Statement : Akan David is an enigmatic African Artist , currently residing in Nigeria. A member of the Bohemian Boston Cambridge art group. His works of art thrives on themes of Afro-Culture, spirituality, sensuality, fantasy, psychological issues, mythological tales, and folklores.

Although having multi-techniques in art he predominantly explores digital and traditional painting using surrealism, sgraffito, chromolumism (pointillism). Akan Davids art moves effortlessly between the material and Imaginative realm, inviting viewers to move beyond their ordinary reality. He is a multidisciplinary artist with a myriad creativity.